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Priti is a Knowledge Management Consultant providing KM and Innovation services to law firms in the US and internationally. She assists law firms on new technology and strategies on how to innovate from within. Prior to her consultancy, Priti worked for a legal technology provider implementing software. She trained as a Lawyer in the UK and is now based in Chicago, IL. And if that wasn't enough, she is also the Content Strategist at Fringe Legal and the mastermind behind the topics covered on the podcast.

Economics of the legal profession – an analysis of discussion with Richard Tromans

Economics of the legal profession: levers that impact efficient and effective delivery Last month Richard Tromans (of Artificial Lawyer fame) spoke with Abhijat Saraswat at the Fringe Legal Virtual Summit on the economics of the legal profession – the levers that drive efficient and effective delivery of legal services. This article is a summary of…

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How To Implement SaaS Projects Successfully and Increase Adoption

The global pandemic has been crucial in awakening realities that were present but we didn’t always see. For many years now, the legal industry and profession has been moving towards an alternative way of working, enabled by technology. However, this movement has been pocketed, siloed to the early adopters. The pandemic has forced an alternative…

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How to Start an Innovation Initiative at your Law Firm

I have come across some great literature around innovation, knowledge management, and intrapreneurship. The common theme that is clear across them all is that the legal profession is moving into a new age: the innovation age. Or, as Michele DeStefano puts it in her book, Legal Upheaval, it’s an Innovation Tournament. Those that don’t join in will…

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