Ray Bierderman on innovation, cloud and working with in-house/outside counsel

Ray Biederman is an experienced litigator with nearly two decades of experience removing obscurity from the eDiscovery process for other attorneys and corporate resources. Ray is the President and co-founder of DiscoveryMaster.co, CEO of Proteus Discovery Group, and Partner at Mattingly Burke Cohen & Biederman LLP.

most people went to law school to practice law and not to practice technology, or practice updating Excel spreadsheets all the time. 

It’s like the rule of 80% rule, right? You cover 80% of what the needs are, and then the other 20%, either custom build or figure out a workaround for it. As litigators, we’re working in a pretty fast-paced environment, and that 20% is critical. So you don’t want to make a move until you’ve got everything covered or you don’t have to change your processes that much.

And that was part of the beauty of what we’ve done; people don’t really have to change their practices all that much, it unifies everything into one place and they get the information they need, but they don’t have to learn a new piece of software in order to do it.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Technology adoption and innovation: the difference in enthusiasm & sophistication between in-house legal teams and AM Law 200 firms
  • Cloud: the dichotomy between legal tech ecosystem moving to the cloud, and requirements by IT teams to keep things on-prem for security reasons
  • In-house/outside counsel: the dynamics of this relationship and how the bleed from consumer tech into the professional world is affecting it. 

the law lives in the past a little bit and so trying to add new tech or add tech stacks to the legal profession is an exceedingly difficult road. What we’ve noticed is, at least lately, we launched at the beginning of COVID, and I think that instantly brought in-house teams in the cost-saving mode as fast as possible.

You can learn more about DiscoveryMaster here, and connect with Ray on LinkedIn.

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