S2.E7 Creating new business opportunities using no-code platforms with Jackson Liu of Neota Logic

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of no-code application development platforms being available. Specifically, there has been an uptick in the adoption of these platforms within the legal profession.

In this episode, we speak with Jackson Liu on Neota Logic to get a primer on no-code application development. 

A trend that we’re seeing with professional service firms and law firms is that they would build a solution or a product for a particular client and then realize we can actually market this product or this application more broadly. Through the no-code platform, they’re able to customize it very, very quickly for other clients. 

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Amongst other items, we cover:

  • What is a no-code platform
  • How these products can be used for rapid prototyping/development
    • Create MVP quickly, so it can be made available to early adopters; allow for iterative development through user feedback
  • How no-code platforms are being used by firms; three use case we explore are:
    • Internal efficiency purposes to address the ‘more for less’ challenge
    • Develop revenue-generating solutions 
    • To win client RFPs: using the rapid prototype process to respond to RFPs with an actually built application
  • How Neota, using the right adoption resources & strategies, gets lawyers to become no-code “architects” 
  • A2J: how do you prepare students (lawyers of tomorrow) through partnerships with universities/colleges/law schools

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