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Fringe Legal #20: strategic innovation / 10 KPIs for in-house legal departments / essential client management

I've had some fantastic conversations over the past week, many of which will hopefully form part of the content I can share in the coming months.

I also had a fun discussion about tools/apps I use every day - I'll share a full list, but two that I use daily are Notion (manage everything Fringe Legal) and Roam (my daily journal and idea connector). What are your favorites?

Here are 4 things that were worth sharing.


If you don't follow Sterling Miller, you should. He's been writing on his blog since 2014, and it is a gold mine of knowledge.

Here Sterling provides a list of 10 (and a couple of bonus ones) KPIs (key performance indicators) all legal departments should track. Grab yourself a tea; it's a long and worthwhile read.



On Friday, I had a great conversation with Robert Camp.

Robert is the owner of Robert Camp Consulting, former Managing Partner at Stephens Scown, and current Director of Strategic Innovation at the firm.

We had aimed to discuss how to start and grow innovation initiatives. We took a somewhat winding road to get there, in the process touching on the customer journey, the meaning of strategic innovation, and culture's importance.

There are some great takeaways, and I plan on doing a write-up from the conversation. Stay tuned.

You can watch the full episode here (30 minutes)



This week, I am thrilled to have Janet Stanton, Partner at Adam Smith Esq. on Fringe Legal Edge.

I reached out to Janet after having read her article on the importance of strategic client management. We plan on discussing this topic in detail. Read the article, and let me know if there are any burning questions for Janet.

Read: What is Strategic Client Management? And Why Should You Care?


In our household, I'm the nominated person who has to change duvet covers and bedsheets. I hated it! It took too long and was needlessly frustrating. As it is a regular activity, something had to be done.

After speaking to some experts (I kid you not!) and a bit of research, I've now been using the burrito method as my go-to. It is simple, frustration-free, and once learned, it will change your life for the better.

This video walks through it.

Watch the burrito method for changing duvet cover (3 min)

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