Alma Asay – KM and Innovation at the Am Law 200 firms

Alma is an Evangelist at Litera. Alma is a legal technology expert and trusted advisor to Litera clients, helping them to bring innovative ways of thinking and practice to life. Previously, Alma was the Chief Innovation Officer, Legal Solutions, at Integr

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Bonus: Ben White lessons from interviewing over 200 in-house counsel

Ben White is the Founder of Crafty Counsel, the video-led digital media company for legal.

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S3E9 Dr Allan McCay on Neuroscience, Ethics and Criminal Law

Dr. Allan McCay has a PhD in Law (University of Sydney), is an admitted solicitor in Scotland, Hong Kong, New South Wales, and Tasmania (Australia). He is an author of several books, and teaches at the University of Sydney Foundation Program and will agai

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S3.E5 Sam Moore of Burness Paull on skills for future lawyers

Sam Moore is the Innovation Manager at Scottish firm Burness Paull.

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S3.E3 Torsten Torpe on Legal Tech Innovation

Torsten Torpe is the Head of Legal Tech Innovation at Bech-Bruun. Torsten will also be part of a panel at the Fringe Legal Virtual Summit 2020 on 7th May.

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S3.E1 Legal Upheaval with Michele DeStefano

Michele DeStefano is the Founder and Executive Director of LawWithoutWalls, and Professor of Law, University of Miami.

She’s an author, speaker, independent consultant, and facilitator to law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal startups on i

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