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Fringe Legal #29: thank you!

It's been quite a year and one that we will be thankful to have in the rearview mirror.

I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to each of you. Looking back, it's astonishing just what we achieved in 2020.

Thank you!

Those who don't know Fringe Legal is an independent, one-person production (by yours truly). I have guidance from a couple of individuals that suggest guests and give me a steer on content, and without them, it will be that much harder! Special thanks to Priti and Paula.

2020 in numbers

  • Published 67 pieces of audio/video content (vs. 14 in 2019)
  • Launched the weekly Fringe Legal Newsletter - 29 weeks and counting
  • Launched the Fringe Legal Virtual Summit - attended by over 650 people
  • Launched Fringe Legal Edge

What to expect in 2021

It's been an incredible journey so far, and I will continue down the rabbit hole. In addition to what you've come to expect from Fringe Legal, here are some ideas in development:

  • Broader and more in-depth conversations with experts & leaders (What topics should I explore in more detail?)
  • More collaborations - I met some truly incredible people, and I would love to collaborate with any number of them on projects.
  • Explore emerging concepts through the lens of the legal profession (e.g., the impact of increasing computer power at a lower cost on the future of the profession).
  • Draw insights from the past episodes - there much to learn from those I've spoken to in the past. I want to draw out the key concept(s) from each episode and make it more accessible.

Once again, thank you so much for accompanying me on the journey.

Have a great start to the New Year! Be safe, and see you in 2021.

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