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Fringe Legal #31: strategic knowledge management and innovation

Fringe Legal #31: strategic knowledge management and innovation

I ended a recent article (to be published a month) with the following: “knowledge management is the change-making engine under the hood of every firm. It’s essential to capturing and optimizing the value of organizational knowledge that supports every aspect of enterprise strategy. It’s also about building for the future.”

With that in mind, here are four items focused on knowledge and innovation.

2021 SKILLS Survey Report

Ron Friedmann, supported by Oz Benamram, Chris Boyd, Lucy Dillon, Mary Abraham, and Tanisha Little, produced a report surveying 90+ respondents from large (500+ lawyers) law firms across the US, Canada, US, and Australia.


There are some great readouts, including the two charts above. As the author notes: “These results suggest that the pandemic created a blip more than a secular change, though we will not know that with certainty for at least a couple of years.”

Read the full report here (PDF)

Innovation and Transformation Perspectives From Around the World


My essay was published in the Winter 2020 issue of ILTA’s Peer to Peer Magazine. I explore some of the factors that influence innovation levels across different regions: the UK., a number of African nations, Australia, and India.

Over the week, I recorded a special narrated video (similar to an audiobook), including original interviewee audio from some special guests. (I enjoyed creating the graphics for this).
You can watch it here (YouTube)

SKILLS 2021 - Watch Live 22nd Jan

I’ve previously posted about the Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ (SKILL) Summit 2021. The event is going to be held on 22nd Jan.

Here’s a refresher about what it is:

For over 15 years, knowledge management and innovation leaders of the largest global, US, UK and Canadian law firms have gathered in a privately organized meeting to compare notes on current developments in KM, innovation, and the business of law at the annual peer-to-peer Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (“SKILLS”).

As the event will be run online this year, the organizers have decided to open the SKILLS Showcase. You can tune-in to the live stream for free.

Watch it live on 22nd Jan.

LinkedIn Tip - how to apply formatting to your posts

I know many of you are also quite active on LinkedIn, and you might know that LinkedIn posts don’t allow for formatting (bold, italics, etc.) to be applied.

However, you would’ve seen others achieve this. This can be accomplished using Unicode characters. It should be used sparingly.

To do this, google “Unicode text converter” or use this site; Type in your text and copy one of your options. Here’s an example:


New Post



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