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Fringe Legal #9: Managing Energy / Team Download Sessions / People of Monzo / LinkedIn Tip

Here are five things that were worth sharing this week:

1. Think

When reviewing processes, absent of a specific goal, the preferred outcome tends to default to "make the process more efficient". There are several downsides to just focusing on this; for example, the resultant outcome may be efficient but may no longer be effective (where you haven't understood the user or client requirements).

Second, in chasing efficiency alone, it's possible to get caught in the trap of doing things that make the problem solving process less efficient. I was reminded of this listening to Venjoy July - Partner at Miles & Stockbridge - speak:

In order to be efficient you end up losing efficiency by not having the group meetings where everyone is on side

I found that this becomes even more common when you are working on innovative ideas. As Rita McGrath - author, and professor at Columbia Business School - writes:

When you're thinking of doing something innovative, then your ratio of assumptions relative to knowledge is high. So you're making a tonne of assumptions relative to what you know.

The more assumptions you make the more important it is that everyone is on the same page. One way to accomplish this is to host team download sessions. These are frequent and short (15-minute or less) sessions where each core team shares project updates, blockers, and what help might be needed.



Karina Vazirova, founder @ KV Labs, and a previously featured person on Fringe, shared how she's focusing on managing her energy (vs. time).

I can relate to this: I've had days where 4 hours working have felt equivalent of expending 12 hours of energy, and where 12 hours working left me wanting to keep going. Understanding what those drivers are is crucial.

Karina suggests a color-coded system for your calendar. As she describes it:

❤️ Red: Energy taking activities (e.g. meetings)
💜 Purple: Energy charging activities (e.g. meditation, walks)
💙 Blue: Neutral activities (e.g. seeing friends)

Watch the 2-min video to learn more



During the last few months, many businesses have had to go through hardship, which has sadly led to some great folks being made redundant. Monzo, a challenger bank based out of the UK, is no exception.

However, they came up with an excellent way to highlight these individuals. I came across this post from Tara Mansfield, head of people at Monzo Bank, in which she shares that Monzo had created a talent directory of those that have been made redundant. As Tara puts it:

We have had some absolutely brilliant people work at Monzo who we have sadly had to let go through our redundancy process. However, this is an opportunity for any Talent teams who are looking to hire passionate, high performing, empathetic people looking for their next challenge.

Check out their website if you have any open roles and looking for wonderful people. You can sort by function and whether they are open to working remotely/relocate.

Check out the Monzo talent directory



Last month LinkedIn introduced a feature that allows users to add a 10-second clip to help guide others on how to pronounce your name.

The clip can only be added via LinkedIn's mobile apps on Android and iOS, but playback works on all platforms (inc. browser on Desktop). To record your pronunciation, head over to your profile on the mobile app, click 'View Profile', then Edit, and then “Record name pronunciation.”

Check out the step-by-step instructions here


I'm looking forward to speaking with Jas Bassi - Head of Solution Delivery at Gateley as part of Fringe Legal Edge this Friday.

During the session, we'll be exploring practical ways in which Gateley navigates the changing legal technology landscape to find opportunities for their firm and clients. Once these opportunities are identified, how do you find people to champion the change across the business?

You can watch live at 11 am Chicago / 12 pm New York / 5 pm UK on 7th August at Litera.tv

Until next time. Stay well.


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