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Janet Stanton – Benefits of a Strategic Client Management Program

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In this episode of Fringe Legal, host Abhijat Saraswat speaks with Janet Stanton.

I reached out to Janet after having read her article on the importance of strategic client management. We discuss the topic in detail including what it means, the benefits for individuals and the firm, implementation advice, and pitfalls to avoid.

Janet is an accomplished business person who brings her experience from diverse industries and professional service organizations to bear on issues currently facing Law Land.

  • Prior to Adam Smith, Esq., Janet was Director, Client Relationships Program at Orrick.
  • Previously, she served as Executive Vice President at a global communications agency where she led several large, global client relationships for organizations such as Pfizer and the US Department of Defense.  She also served as President of a national communications agency.
  • She was personally awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Janet is a graduate of Vassar College, which she attended as a Regents Scholar.  She is based in New York City.

You can read Janet’s article on the Adam Smith Esq. website, and find her on LinkedIn.

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