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Peter Dombkins – transformation and looming legal revolution 🌩️

Peter Dombkins – transformation and looming legal revolution 🌩️

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So Legal is coming late to the party on some of this, but at least it arrived very well dressed because we get to now pick and choose some of the best parts of project management, change management transformation, continuous improvement.

Peter Dombkins is a national leader in legal transformation, legal operations, and the project management of legal professional services. He has received awards from the Financial Times and AIPM for change and legal practice management. Peter is Australia’s first Adjunct Associate Professor in Legal Transformation, at the University of NSW Faculty of Law. Peter is also the Director for New Law at PwC Australia.

During the episode, we discuss:

  • Is there a revolution coming to the legal profession?
  • A brief history of changes in how professional legal services are offered from 1950 to – present day. Including the trend of appending “legal” in front of many things.
  • What is Legal Project Management, and how most lawyers are are already putting it into practice?
  • What is transformation, and the difference between simple and complex transformation?

This episode is a treasure trove of resources. Here are various things that were mentioned or discussed:

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