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Fringe Legal #2: Beautiful News/Measuring Value/Collaboration for In-house legal

The world continues to go through tough moments, and I sincerely hope you are staying well and safe. I've made sure to include at least one point (see "Do") to serve as a reminder that good things are happening.

Here are four things that were worth sharing this week:

1. Think

I spent much of last week thinking about managing personal knowledge (I'll write more on this in the future), and then subsequently turned my attention to thinking about Knowledge Management.

Admittedly, this was triggered by needed preparation for a talk I'll be delivering at the KM Digital Summit next week (17th June), focusing on helping the audience understand if their KM function delivers value.

how do you measure if what you do delivers value?

As you wrestle with the question above, it's worth thinking about:

  • in it's optimal state what is the solution statement for your role. E.g. for KM it might be "knowledge managers add value by eliminating waste - time and money".
  • what is cost if the above solution is not delivered. E.g. bad decisions are made through an absence of knowledge.
  • how do you measure the effectiveness and make that role organizationally relevant?

2. Listen


The latest episode of the Fringe Legal Podcast is available now. I spoke with Chrissie Wolfe, a solicitor in Irwin Mitchell’s international personal injury team, specializing in claims arising outside of England and Wales. She also runs the YouTube channel, Law and Broader.

What may be most relevant to this audience is our discussion surrounding skills that are worth honing now that legal professionals didn't think about 5-10 years ago. Hint: one of them is digital marketing. It also leads to one thinking, what are skills that will be required in the next 3-5 years which we aren't talking about today?

Listen to the full episode here.

3. Watch


It was a real joy to speak with Dr Heidi Gardner, Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School. We spoke about smart collaboration, what it means, and the benefits. We made sure to discuss what this means for in-house teams and pragmatic ways to put the theory into practice. Between us, I was extremely nervous for this interview!

Watch the recording here.

Note: Fringe Legal Edge is now a weekly segment on Friday's at 11am US Central / 5pm UK. Watch it live on Litera.tv

4. Do


Beautiful News Daily delivers "unseen trends, uplifting stats, and creative solution". It's a place I visit every so often, whenever I need a jolt of positivity and reaffirm my belief that there is plenty of good happening out there.

It's free and available on the web and socials.

Beautiful News Daily.

Until next time. Stay well.


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