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Fringe Legal #4: connecting ideas/legal supply chain/legal tech essentials course

Here are five things that were worth sharing this week:

1. Think

One of the fastest ways I've found to grow has been to read/listen/watch different topics and then think through how the principles can connect to what I'm currently working on. This allows you to have a fresh perspective on existing problems. It also allows you to stretch your boundaries by reading about topics that make not seem immediate valuable.

I tend to view these activities as contributing to long-plays, which means that some of these ideas/skills may be useful 2,3 or 5 years from now.

This week, I spent time learning about States of Awareness from a copywriting perspective. The principle here is that, at a given point in time, the market has a different state of awareness (there are five as noted by Eugene Schwartz's) about your brand/product. This state should dictate how you advertise your product or service.

This led me to think about how these stages might apply from an adoption perspective. How to position the message based on the users' awareness? In many cases, the business may be the "most aware," but the individual may be "completely unaware."

2. Listen


Mike is the author of Lawyer Forward and hosts the podcast of the same name. He is has worked in logistics, solo law practice, and legal media. He teaches about the overlaps between those activities and what they mean for attorneys and the companies that aim to serve them.

We think we understand the complexity of the supply chain, but that complexity in a weird way, feeds efficiency, cost control, and quality in a way that we just wouldn't expect. We think we're all artisans. And of course, in a big firm, [and] in law school, we're taught to be artisanal.

In the final episode of the third season we talk about the legal supply chain, churn in law firms and asking yourself the difficult question to give yourself the best chance at success.

Listen to the full episode here



I had an awesome chat with mindfulness based executive coach - Amaranatho Robey. The burning

question for me as we started our conversation was difference between chaos and complex. With this understanding we talked through how one can work to remain calm in the midst of complex situations.

Watch on YouTube

4. Learn


I've recently signed up to the Legal Tech Essentials program offered by Bucerius Law School. It's a free six week programme, where you attend sessions that take your interest. Topics include AI & legal analytics, alternatives to law firms, legal ops (from a in-house and law firm perspective) and more.

The program kicked off on Friday and starts in earnest tomorrow - June 29.

Register here

5. Do

We have just created a page to register as a guest speaker on the Fringe Legal Podcast. If you are a thought leader, executive, story teller, entrepreneur or author with a vision for the future of the legal profession and would like to be guest then just complete the form and we can collaborate.

Register your interest here

Until next time. Stay well.


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