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Implementing emerging technologies with Leigh Snider

Leigh Snider discusses how to tie technology selection and implementation back to the business strategy.
Implementing emerging technologies with Leigh Snider

Technology is a frequent topic of conversation. It comes up almost every single episode. And while it's fun to talk about amazing new tools or features, ultimately, you have to tie the tech back to the business strategy. Easy to say, difficult to execute.

It's harder still when tracking and working with emerging technology, where there may not yet be a baseline for success. We tackle those points and so much more in the episode today.

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Episode content

  • What is IncuBaker  ➡ 2.46
  • Watching the market ➡ 4.04
  • Client needs ➡ 5.03
  • Tracking 500+ legal tech companies ➡  6.17
  • Tying tech to business objectives ➡ 7.29
  • A process-driven approach to technology selection ➡ 11.30
  • Working with Vendors ➡ 16.22
  • Working with emerging technologies ➡ 20.31
  • Validating ideas ➡ 23.46
  • Market trends ➡ 32.31

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Resources mentioned

AALL Spectrum
AALL Spectrum - AALL Spectrum / September/October 2021 / Volume 26, Number 1
“Technology Decisions in Times of Uncertainty” - September/October 2021 issue of AALL Spectrum, a publication of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).
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Takeaways from the episode

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