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Julia Salasky on how to delight clients

Julia Salasky, CEO of Legl, discusses technology can be leveraged to delight law firm clients. Using legal tech to solve fundamental problems with lawyer workflows allows for more value to be added.
Julia Salasky on how to delight clients

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Julia Salasky is the CEO of Legl, a digital workflow tool for law firms.

“Solving problems that are fundamental to the way lawyers work enables lawyers to focus on the work that highly skilled professionals that they are can do best. I don’t have a view as to whether in five years or ten years or 25 years, you can train AI to do those jobs, but the work that lawyers do is so varied, so technical, and so human-centric that enabling them to do that work in a way that allows them to focus on the highest value piece of that is where there’s a real opportunity in this space.”

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