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Clarissa Rayward on finding happiness in the practice of law

Clarissa Rayward on finding happiness in the practice of law

Clarissa Rayward, also known as ‘The Happy Family Lawyer’, specialises in helping couples stay out of Court and work together to reach a resolution to their relationship breakdown. A practising family lawyer,she is the Director of the Brisbane Family Law Centre, a multidisciplinary practice. Clarissa is based in Brisbane, Australia is a speaker, author, and hosts the popular podcast “Happy Lawyer, Happy Life”.

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Some of the items we cover in the episode include (numbers are time codes):

  • How Clarissa went from studying marine biology, to interior design to a practicing lawyer
  • How to provide a delight experience to clients even (or perhaps especially) when they are going through difficult situations -> 8.04
  • Developing a client centric practice to deliver law in a different way -> 9.14
  • Why empathy is so powerful in the practice of law. What is the difference between sympathy and empathy, and how the latter can elevate your practice -> 10.48
  • The origins of the “Happy Lawyer” -> 15.06
  • How to avoid/manage burnout & stress as a lawyer or any other professional -> 18.30
  • How to identify things in your life that cultivate happiness -> 23.28
  • The science behind gratitude -> 25.50
  • Failure is ok, and learning from failure; restarting -> 31.15

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