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The Future of Work with Matt Coatney

Matt Coatney discusses the future of work with relation to law firms and legal teams. We cover how legal services might be delivered, the role of technology, and why change now.
The Future of Work with Matt Coatney

There is frequent discussion around transformation, digitalization, and innovation - all to ponder the future of work?

We approach that very question on this episode with regards to law firms and legal teams. This conversation explores how work might be delivered, the role that technology will play, why disrupt the status quo, and why now?

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Episode content

  • The future of work ➡ 03.34
  • How would work be delivered in the future ➡ 04.52
  • Legal matters as projects ➡ 05.51
  • (Alternative) career paths for lawyers ➡ 07.36
  • The role of technology in the delivery of legal service ➡ 09.27
  • Why change now? ➡ 12.17
  • Disrupt the status quo ➡ 14.46
  • Are you profitable? Pricing analytics at law firms ➡ 15.59
  • Experience Management, BD, and contract analytics ➡ 17.41
  • Learning from adjacent industries ➡ 20.24
  • Making inclusion work in a hybrid world ➡ 32.13

Resources mentioned

Joyce Tong Oelrich on law firms as a subscription business
Joyce Tong Oelrich, speaks about alternative pricing structures that could be offered by law firms including SaaS-like subscription offerings.
Joyce Tong Oelrich on law firms as a subscription business

About Matt Coatney

Matt Coatney is a seasoned C-level product and technology executive, entrepreneur, advisor, author, and speaker with 25 years of experience helping businesses and technology work better together. He has led divisions and portfolios for large global corporations, co-founded three companies and advised several others, been an early-stage employee of two successful tech startups, advised dozens of business and technology professionals across all stages of company formation and growth, and launched over a dozen successful products.

Matt has expertise in artificial intelligence, automation, future of work, robotics, data analytics, cloud computing, and digital content across a wide range of industry experience spanning manufacturing, media, law, life sciences, government, and finance. He writes and speaks frequently on business and advanced technology topics. In addition to a TED talk and keynotes, his work has been published by MIT, HarperCollins, and O'Reilly and has appeared in books, journals, and international conferences.

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