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Build, Buy, or Invest with Elani Buchan of MDR Lab

Build, Buy, or Invest with Elani Buchan of MDR Lab

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Elani is a leader in building high-growth startups through streamlined operations. After earning her master’s from King’s College, London, and serving more than two years at the Peace Corp. Elani spent almost a decade helping emerging tech companies develop, optimize and scale their operations marketing, and people processes. Elani is now the venture program manager at MDR Lab.


  • What is MDR Lab (1:55)
  • Three different arms of MDR lab (2:33)
  • Build vs buy – which gives you the biggest return on your investment (3:54)
  • How does MDR decide which companies to have in the accelerator? (5:12)
  • How the Launch program works (8:13)
  • What is MDR Lab’s strategy when it comes to investment (13:50)
  • The MDR Lab Venture Studio (16:05)
  • The long term strategy for MDR Lab (16:38)
  • Emerging tech (19:56)
  • How Elani keeps up with what’s going on (23:38)
  • Building a community around MDR Lab (25:30)

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