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Fringe Legal #49: Creativity, innovation and disruption ⚡

Fringe Legal #49: Creativity, innovation and disruption ⚡

What's coming up

There are some great items in the works, and I can't wait to share them with you. For now, I thought I would give a little teaser:

  • Peter Dombkins: podcast and write up on transformation and change management, and legal project management
  • Julia Salasky: podcast and write up on leveraging data, solving for fragment workflows, and triggers for digitization
  • Legal XaaS: analysis of the emerging trend of offering Anything as a Service (XaaS) from GCs, Innovation, and more. Do you want your opinion featured, reply to this email and let's chat?
  • Joyce Tong Oelrich: podcast and write up on how a firm has adopted subscription pricing model with their clients
  • Anna Lozynski: podcast and write up exploring what GCs want from their panel firms? What are the characteristics of the next gen legal team?

Snacks 🌮😋


💭 Creativity, innovation, and disruption. I've yet to hear this described better than this (heard on the Disrupt Disruption podcast).

The way that Andy can connect these complex topics is masterful. Each three are interconnected, and successful organizations (yes, even law firms and legal departments) spend time each.

(A)LSP Circuit Board: the wonderful folks at Crafty Counsel released the beta version of what they call the Alternative Legal Service Provider Circuit Board - a visual guide for buyers to the alternative legal service provider landscape. Ben and the team seem like they have big plans for a broader release in the autumn. This is why they created it:

We want to provide some clarity to this complex, and often confusing, part of the legal industry. Our (A)LSP Circuit Board will connect the components and illustrate the landscape in a simple, visual way to help corporate clients creatively solve their legal problems

View the (A)LSP Circuit Board here

🧠 Something I find repeating, especially at peak frustration: common sense doesn't mean common practice.

This is why sometimes it is important to repeat things that seem obvious both as self-talk but also during training, presentations, and more. In fact, there is an art in writing something, so as you're reading, it sounds like common sense, but it lingers in your mind after you've finished and blooms into many connected thoughts.

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