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🔮 Fringe Legal Summit '22 - save the date

The Fringe Legal Summit '22 will be held on Oct 10, 2022. It will be an extraordinary event— expect macro & micro-trends, strategic and tactical knowledge, and awesome speakers. We are designing the summit, so you actually retain and put into practice what you learn.
🔮 Fringe Legal Summit '22 - save the date

We are thrilled to announce the Fringe Legal Summit '22.

At the last summit, we had 700+ attendees who came together to share strategies to supercharge their practice. We are setting bolder expectations.

Join us on Nov 11, 2022, to discover the future inside the present.

This won't be an ordinary event— expect:

  • macro & micro-trends
  • strategic and tactical knowledge
  • diversity of thought
  • awesome speakers

Designed with retention and usefulness in mind— we want you to remember and put into practice what you learn.

Become an early supporter, get access to special items, and get a highly discounted rate by buying a limited early bird ticket.

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