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ILTA CEO, Joy Heath Rush on the changing legal

ILTA CEO, Joy Heath Rush on the changing legal

Joy Heath Rush is the CEO of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), and an industry veteran.

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In this inaugural episode of the podcast, we speak with Joy about her views on the changing legal landscape. Amongst other items, we discuss testing assumptions she had about the ILTA community, trends she’s seeing in the legal profession, and what firm leaders can put into action immediately to make a noticeable difference.


Some of the items we cover in the episode include:

  • The value of listening, and the learning about the deep love & passion for the ILTA organization
  • The four key learning about the ILTA community Joy learned about as she became CEO
  1. A need for more diversity
  2. People have too many ideas, and they don’t know what to do with them
  3. The need for greater transparency
  4. The want from the community to volunteer more
  • We also cover some trends & patterns Joy observed across the wider industry
  1. Innovation is overhyped
  2. The lack of understanding around emerging topics/technologies
  3. How the law firm business landscape is changing
  4. The prevalence of “the cloud”
  • The importance of data driven performance tracking
  • Increasing competition from the Big 4
  • How law schools are stepping up and becoming more engaged
  • What action can law firm leaders take today to make an impact

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