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Fringe Legal #1: This week at Fringe Legal

Here are five things that were worth sharing this week:

1. Think

Lately, I've been thinking about why people buy products or adopt technologies or platforms.

When it comes to legal professionals, it seems that technology adoption is frequently driven by (1) necessity (they have no choice but to adopt); and/or, (2) economic value. In the case of the latter, the individual needs an economic reason or proxy of an economic reason (e.g. social status) to buy-in to the idea.

2. Listen


The latest episode of the Fringe Legal Podcast is with Katrina Gowans, National Legal Transformation Lead for Origin Energy. She talks about the knowledge way of working - how to capture the biggest asset your practice has (the information inside the lawyers' brain) and create a central repository so it can be shared with others now, and in the future.

Listen to the full episode here.

3. Read


Priti Saraswat provides an analysis of our discussion with Richard Tromans, looking at the economics of the legal profession. She provides a walk through the past, present, and future. There are takeaways in the article for lawyers, business leaders, technologists, and corporate counsels.

The article concludes with: "what is needed is a symbiotic relationship between all parties. Collaboration is key, and collaboration is the future".

Read the full article here.

4. Watch


We kicked off the inaugural Fringe Legal Edge session, an experimental weekly segment on Litera.tv

The first episode featured Nick Hawtin, CEO of ThinkLegalTech as we debated some of the trends coming from the European Legal Tech scene. Watch the recording here.

Join us next week at 11am US Central / 5pm UK as we speak with Dr Heidi Gardner about smart collaboration for in-house legal teams.

5. Do


As we continue to work-from-home, engagement becomes more important than ever. One way to engage at scale is via a virtual conference or summit - this can be internal or external.

We have provided an in-depth guide (coming in at over 5,000 words) to how we ran planned and ran the Fringe Legal Virtual Summit a month ago. If you’re thinking about a summit or just curious about what it took to run one, then read the guide.

You can find the guide here.

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Until next time. Stay well.


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