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Performance optimization for lawyers and general counsels

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Parul Patel is the founder of Fuel and Move, a consultancy that helps Partners of law firms and General Counsels develop their teams and lawyers for performance optimization.

“So performance optimization means that you’re delivering at a high level of performance, but you’re not, it’s not coming at the expense of exhaustion burnout, a lot of these things that we see quite prevalent within the legal sector.”
“So we’re just focusing on the technical skills and the technical knowledge and forgetting really about: when greatness shines, greatness comes from the inside, from each individual. So yes, you’ve got the common skills, the common knowledge of the law, and really clients expect that as standard.

It’s not that you get any bonus points for knowing the law, right? Your clients expect that, and technical knowledge and technical skills are expected as standard. That level of excellence is expected as standard.

Once you’ve got your job and you’re in the legal sector, you have to ask yourself: I’ve got myself in the room; how am I now going to shine in the room.”

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Show notes

  • Introuction to the podcast (01:02)
  • Defining performance and performance optimization (02:43)
  • The importance of training – similarities between lawyers and elite athletes (08:31)
  • Technician vs a leader (13:06)
  • Issues with progression paths (17:02)
  • Designing immersive and impactful training programs (25:09)

You can connect with Parul on LinkedIn or via Fuel and Move.

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